About The Campaign

Everyone has mental health struggles, and we all know or experience the impact of mental illness. We believe everyone deserves to live their best and healthiest life, surrounded by individuals and community members that care. We have started this mental health “aWEARness” campaign to let individuals know that they are not alone, it's ok to struggle, that you are enough, and that we will shatter the stigma together--one day at a time. Over the pandemic, we have recognized the urgency in addressing this topic, and that is what our campaign is all about. 

In the summer of 2021, The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh and their teen committee partnered with Project Healthy Minds to work on this project and address mental health and emotional wellness in teens. We’ve partnered together to raise funds and awareness for mental health and 20% of the proceeds from our collection will be donated back to Project Healthy Minds. 

All proceeds from the “aWEARness” Merchandise Campaign will work to fund future Wellness related programs and activities at the Friendship Circle.

We believe that increasing the visibility around mental health issues will further the goal of inclusion at the Friendship Circle, and that in advocating for awareness in the clothing we wear and the conversations we start, we will truly create the kind of world where all members are “aWEAR” of the value that they hold, just as they are.